Purva Aerocity Chikkajala RoadPurva Aerocity Chikkajala Road


Purva Aerocity Chikkajala Road has become a famous place to live in recent months. People worldwide know Bangalore for its rich culture, cutting-edge technology, and growing real estate market. The Puravankara Limited’s new project is in the middle of Melbourne, Australia. You can choose from homes, villas, and plots that are 1 BHK, 2 BHK, or 3 BHK. People who want to buy a house should think about this property because of its project outline, architectural highlights, and use of Vaastu Shastra.

Review of the Project

This project isn’t just a housing project, it’s a way of life. The project designed to meet the needs and wants of today’s city dwellers and is full of luxury, ease, and convenience. Purva Aerocity includes a lot of different types of homes for people with different tastes and ways of life. There’s something for everyone, from small but cozy 1 BHK flats to large and fancy villas. Residential plots are also available for people who want to start from scratch and plan and build their dream home. The complex has high-tech safety features, like CCTV cameras, a closed entrance, and trained security staff, which gives residents peace of mind.

Building Design

The architecture of this property is a perfect mix of style, practicality, and environmental friendliness. The buildings at Puravankara New Launch Plots in Chikkajala have modern architecture with smooth surfaces, clean lines, and creative design features. The outsides ooze class and elegance, making for a beautiful skyline. Each residential room carefully planned to make the best use of space and provide a pleasant place to live. The layouts are useful, well-thought-out, and fit the wants of modern families.

Putting Vaastu Shastra together

The ancient Indian science of building and design called Vaastu Shastra has a big impact on how this property laid out and oriented. Vaastu principles were used to ensure the project layout allowed good energy to flow and create harmony. Vaastu rules say that buildings, entrances, and common places should be placed in a way that brings good luck and health.

About Us

The project shows how dedicated Puravankara Limited is to quality, new ideas, and living a healthy life. The project provides a luxurious, comfortable, and healthy way of life in the busy city of Bangalore. It includes a variety of housing choices, modern amenities, eco-friendly architecture, and the use of Vaastu Shastra. For people who want to buy a home in Purva Aerocity Chikkajala Road and who want a peaceful mix of modernity and tradition, this is a great chance to own a piece of urban paradise where everything is meant to raise living standards and make living there enjoyable.

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